Why Joining an Intuitive Development Circle Helped Me To Move Toward My Life Purpose

“Intuition goes before you, showing you the way. Emotion follows behind, to let you know when you go astray. Listen to your inner voice. It is the calling of your spiritual GPS system seeking to keep you on track towards your true destiny.”

~Anthon St. Maarten


Looking back, I realize that I had lost my way.  I believe that we are all born with intuitive gifts, often referred to as psychic senses, and I was no exception.

Growing up I had a “knowing” when something was about to happen.  Rather than embracing this ability as a gift, I questioned and discounted the information.

If I sensed that I shouldn’t do something or trust someone I would make the complete opposite decision.  Over time rather than developing my gifts, I shut them down.

I suppose in hindsight, that it felt easier and possibly safer to seek others advise, when making life decisions, then trusting your own gut instincts.  But is that truly living your own life?

I have come to believe that we are indeed souls living a human existence.  My soul had chosen certain lessons and dreams to manifest in this lifetime.

The real challenge is that we forget it all at birth.  If we are doing this adventure we call life correctly, we spend our days remembering what we came here to learn and experience.

Our lives are meant to be in continuous evolution.  Fortunately, we are not alone.  The universe has our back.

When we are stubborn, like I was, the universe sends us messages via our angels and guides.  Our “helpers” and their messages come to us in many different forms.

I have also personally felt the truth in the adage that first the universe tosses a stone at you to get your attention.  Listen before you notice the boulder.

We were born with freewill.  We should use it.

In June 2010, I experienced my first panic attack.  It was frightening in that I wasn’t sure what was happening.  I couldn’t stop my heart from racing!

At that time, I had my full-time job, a part-time job and was also taking college classes.

Unrelenting stress had been a part of my life for so long.

I had spent a good part of my life pushing pain and disappointment down.  I thought if I could just keep moving forward eventually finding peace.

 That June evening, as I left my college Geometry class, I was hit with that boulder.

I tried to calm myself for several hours before eventually going to the ER.  It still scares me to think that I worried more about making a scene than caring for myself first.

According to a recent Forbes Health article By Lizzie Duszynski-Goodman: Anxiety disorders such as generalized anxiety and panic disorder are some of the most diagnosed mental health conditions in the U.S., affecting 42.5 million adults.  There are 12 million U.S. adults living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

I ended up visiting the ER two more times over the next year as I worked to understand why I was having Panic Attacks and how to make them stop.

To be clear, mine lasted much longer than ten minutes and I had all kinds of other symptoms as well. While doing research, I checked off a lot of boxes.  I look back on that time as a painful blessing.

I made a promise to myself to do whatever it took holistically to figure out a way to stop the panic. I walked a lot, therapy, kundalini yoga, acupuncture, essential oils, supplements, herbal teas, water and cleaner eating.

Over time the intensity and length of the panic episodes lessened; however, they still were a big part of my life. They were a shadow always with me.  I was working so hard to change my life by letting go of stressors.

I had met Sue in May 2012, when I walked into The Art of the Heart in search of a bottle of Lavender essential oil.  She didn’t have the oil but she did have a table filled with flyers for upcoming events and classes.

 As we talked, I had a strong feeling of coming home.  It was the stirring of my intuition.

I poured over The Art of the Heart’s website in my office the next day.  I couldn’t believe all the classes available.

I was reminded of how much I had loved reading and learning about different metaphysical topics such as past-lives, angels, ascended masters and reincarnation. I read countless books by Dr Raymond Moody, Edgar Cayce, Marianne Williamson, Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Shirley MacLaine to name a few.

After years of delving with no-one to discuss these topics with I moved on to exploring comparative religions.  I loved my Philosophy of Religions class and I taught Sunday school for nine years.

It occurred to me that I was coming full circle back to where I had made the choice to take a different path.  To not trust my intuition.  The universe was opening a door for me to choose to walk through.  I could listen to that inner voice that recognized my path when it saw it, or I could find an excuse.

I chose to believe and move forward.

In August of 2012, I was certified in Usui Reiki Level 1.  That September I joined Sue’s Intuitive Development Circle.

To say it changed my life is an understatement.  I had my very last panic attack during the beginning of one of our classes.  We were practicing an exercise and I could feel the panic just melt and leave my body.  I have never had another panic episode since.  It has been over a decade!

I attribute this to learning to recognize and manage my own energy and develop trust in myself again.

Development Circle currently meets once a week for two hours from 7:00pm-9:00pm.  We begin each class by learning and discussing a topic such as the psychic senses (The Clairs).

We lead participants through a guided meditation to open the chakras, ground our energy and develop our intuitive gifts by experiencing and following the energy.

Then we practice an exercise to help develop trust and discover our intuitive gifts.

I sat in circle every week for two years. I eventually felt the calling to teach what I had been learning.  I come from a long line of teachers in my family.

I spent additional time student teaching with Sue.  I have now been teaching for over eight years, hold certifications in multiple modalities and am a co-founder with Sue of Blossoming into Light Ministry.

I am a self-professed lifelong learner and love the process of creating new classes.  I feel that I am finally on the path towards my destiny.

What about you?  Are you on the right path to discover the truest version of yourself and fulfill your destiny?

7 Things That I Learned About Myself While Sitting in Intuitive Development Circle

  1. I am a spiritual being.
  1. I have intuitive gifts.  What I had thought was my “imagination” was actually clairvoyance. “Wait. What? Not everyone sees colors and scenes unfolding in their minds eye.
  1. I can do new, unnerving things and grow to love them.  We had a student reader’s day with my class.  I learned that I have many teachers.  When you push yourself out of your comfort zone you learn so much more about yourself. You also show others what is possible.
  2. I learned to trust!  When you practice the exercises, you realize that there is so much more to you and your abilities
  1. We are made of energy.  Energy never dies, it just transforms.
  1. We are not alone.  We have angels and guides ready and willing to help us.  They are just waiting for us to ask.  I ask!
  1. I can build community.  We can find the people we are most in energetic resonance with.  As we work to raise our vibration those around us can choose whether they wish to raise their energy to meet us.  The Levels of Consciousness is my jam.

If you are feeling a nudge from the universe to remember who you are and develop or reconnect with your own unique gifts, listen!

It is not a coincidence that you have been drawn here and are reading this. Considering joining or even rejoining our Intuitive Development Circle. Take a leap!  Who knows where it could lead.

Sending love and light


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