Meeting twice a month, we offer informative topics and discussion

Meeting twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Monday Evenings at 7:00 pm ET, we offer informative topics and discussion. Each class, we look to provide some type of meditation, practice and/or exercise, suggested reading to further your learning and any other tools we find are helpful for the topic. We encourage discussion and sharing about your experiences. If there are topics you are interested in, please let us know!

Here is a list of some topics that we either have or will cover during these classes. This list is only a portion of topics as there is an unlimited number we may include beyond these.

  • Sacred Oils for the spiritual path
  • Essenes
  • Divine Feminine and Masculine
  • Death, Dying and the Science of the Bardo
  • Mary Magdalene and the Gospel of Mary
  • Cosmic Christ
  • Christ Consciousness
  • Ascended Masters and Guides
  • Angels and Archangels
  • St. Germain and the Violet Flame
  • Tree of Life Kabbalah
  • Dark Night of the Soul
  • Soul Retrieval and Trauma
  • Alchemy
  • The Emerald Tablets
  • Book of Enoch
  • Monad, Soul and the Personality
  • Vagus Nerve
  • Lemuria/Atlantis
  • Fractals and Sacred Geometry
  • Antakarana