Space Clearing

Sue is Certified in Space Clearing through the Conscious Design Institute. Using a specific process for clearing your home and/or office, the energy of your space will be lighter. It may even feel a newer higher energy in your space.

Sue uses both techniques learned in the certification program as well as Tachyon Light Reiki. Tachyon Light Reiki brings what some refer as “diamond light” into your space. This will raise the vibration that will both uplift and energize the space.

For pricing, it is based on the size of the space. A client will provide their address and Sue will tune in to determine what is needed for that space. She will then provide a quote.

Typically, it can range from $200 to $800. Occasionally, it can be more should both inside and outside need clearing and/or if she needs to bring one or two people with her to complete a more challenging space. Sue may bring in etheric crystals with your permission and/or recommend what crystals would be good to have in the space.