Soul Healing Session

The Soul Healing is done as a distance healing. Distance healing is just as effective as in-person healing. It can be a powerful experience.

For this type of healing session, we set a time for you to relax for an hour either sitting in a chair or laying down. It’s important to be undisturbed during that time to allow for openness to received. Sitting or lying down in a light or even deep meditation can provide a time for you to gain insights, relax, and be centered.

The practitioner connects to you and to your soul for this session. The soul informs us what you need and guides us through the process. Through intention and techniques for healing, the energy comes to you for your healing. As in all healing work, the healer is the facilitator, the receiver chooses to receive the energy and heal.

In this type of healing, the practitioner may call in the energy of specific herbs, crystals, sound, and other tools that etherically work on the aura and body. After a session, information will be shared, if you have given permission, from your soul with guidance about the healing and moving forward.

What might one experience during a soul healing:

• Relaxing into your body.
• Energy moving through the body.
• Deep meditation.
• Release of emotions and energy.
• Feelings of connection with yourself.

What types of healing techniques might be used:

• Reiki and other forms of Reiki such as Rose Reiki, Light of Lemuria Reiki, etc.
• Sound Therapy including crystal bowls, tuning forks, drumming, and other tools that come to your aura through intention.
• Other forms of energy healing modalities.
• Affirmations and intentions as guided by your soul.
• Crystal Therapy with the soul guiding the practitioner on what ones you may benefit from.
• Any other tools, techniques, etc. that the soul feels you may benefit from.

After each session, you will receive information on what was used and how you can continue your healing afterwards. Again, if you have given permission, you may also receive specific soul guidance on how to move forward.

Energy Exchange:

• One session $111
• Two session package $211
• Three session package $300