Providing the bridge to your highest potential through connecting mind, body, heart and soul.


We have many services that are available by appointment and special request.



Aromatherapy utilizes essential oils to uplift and relieve stress. We believe in using only the highest quality of essential oils that have gone through rigorous quality control from seed to seal. We offer one-on-one consultation sessions, essential oils classes and opportunities to learn what they are, how to use them and how you can share with others about their amazing benefits.


Aura clearing & Chakra Balancing

The aura is our energy that surrounds the body. We can interact with a variety of people throughout our day and invariably can “pick up” energies that are not supportive of us. Our chakras our energy centers that spin like a vortex. Many times the chakras go “out of balance” or spin in a way that is not at its highest potential for us. An aura clearing and chakra balancing can help clear unwanted energies and balancing our chakras for optimum well-being..


Crystal Consultations

A crystal consultation is a one-on-one session. You can learn what crystals may benefit you at this time and a strategy for their use will be discussed. There are a variety of crystals all with different ways they can benefit us. Our goal is to assist you in determining which ones are helpful for you based on the situations in your life and what you would like to accomplish. We can combine the crystal consultation with life coaching. We also offer classes and groups to learn more.


Energy Therapy

We offer a variety of modalities and therapies to help clear, balance and align your energy. These can include Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and other energy healing techniques. Each session is different based on the client’s needs. These therapies may be combined with crystal therapy and/or sound therapy as well.


Life Coaching/Mentoring

We offer one-on-one life coaching and mentoring for individuals who would like to explore and expand their psychic gifts, move into self-mastery in any area of their life, as well as in the use of essential oils and aromatherapy. With life coaching and mentoring, you have someone to bounce ideas off of, guide you in your choices, help you connect more deeply with your beliefs, values and your life purpose. It provides a safe environment to go deeper into self and learn how to express your soul to the world. Our focus is to provide opportunity for an expansion from the soul’s perspective so that life flows easily and effortlessly in the direction that serves your highest good. We keep you accountable to your commitments to self..



We offer different types of readings for guidance and understanding of your life situations as well as how to move forward in the most positive way that supports you. They include but are not limited to: psychic readings utilizing oracle cards, tea leaves, flowers and crystals. Our readings may include a combination of tools based on how we are guided. Sue also offers Akashic and Spirit readings.


sound & crystal therapy

In addition to Energy Therapy, we offer sound and crystal therapies which may be combined with Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and other modalities.


Space Clearing

Space clearing is sometimes necessary in your home and/or office in order to clear out unwanted energies. Spaces can pick up negativity and other energies that disrupt the natural flow. This can result in stuck energy, not only within the space, but many times within the people and pets who are residing in that space. The energy can build and affect your life in a variety of ways. Sue was trained and is certified in space clearing and works alongside two other trained space clearing practitioners as we each bring added value to the space clearing as a team.


Wedding & Blessing Ceremonies

Sue and Leslie are both ordained as a Holistic Minister Practitioner and offer ceremonies such as weddings, house blessings, baby blessings, etc.


We have select products that are available at classes and events, by appointment and special request.


Young Living Essential Oils

Both Sue and Leslie are distributors of Young Living essential oils. We believe in the quality of these oils and use them in our classes and sessions. If you are interested in ordering any Young Living products, you can as either a retail customer or wholesale member. We hold classes to help you learn how to use them and, if you are interested, how to build a business with them.


Himalayan Salt Products

All of our Himalayan salt products are 100% Pure Natural Harvest.



We have a selection of unique crystals that are offered for sale. These can vary depending on availability and our client’s needs. There are tumbled stones available as well. We can special order crystals for you and can also ship crystals to you. Please note that we are not open with store hours and these crystals are available at classes and events, by appointment or by special request.


Handcrafted Sprays Made Especially for CLearing

We have a number of handcrafted sprays made especially for clearing, working with angels and guides as well as freshening up your space. During the holidays, we offer sprays that have the scents you love.


White Sage, Palo Santo Wood & Incense

We offer these for all your cleansing needs. All our products are high quality.