The group that comes together has a synergistic purpose. Through the questionnaire and interests of the group, a program focus is developed. Each person in the group will receive a tentative list of the in person and zoom class dates on or before the first class. At our first session, we will go over the list of dates and discuss potential areas to be focused on during the year. You will also receive a list of suggested books. A requirement of the program is to read a minimum of six books throughout the year, journal about them, then share and discuss them with the group. Other homework will be included and is meant to help you prepare for the next class. We will keep it simple as we know everyone has life, work, family, etc.

Regardless of the focus of the group, we encourage the exploration and discovery of your innate gifts. We encourage authenticity and forward movement towards your life purpose. You will learn what true self-care means and how to anchor it into your daily lives. You will be provided with many ideas and tools to keep energetically clear, raise your consciousness and to clarify, define and refine your goals.

Our charter group of students desired to continue beyond the original 12 months. This led us to develop a three-step program of 12 months each. It is up to each individual if they would like to continue beyond year one into year two and three. Below is a guideline of what each year is about.


Self-Mastery Mentorship Year One:

In year one, we explore, uncover, expand, hone, define, refine, express, breakthrough, move forward, co-create, discover and clarify our goals, understand and clear our blocks to achieving those goals as well as the area of focus the group would like to master. Each class may include exercises, tools of self discovery, guided meditation, discussions and more. If the group has a focus of a healer's path, we would determine which healing modalities are to be included throughout the year and what other areas of focus the group would like to include. The first year will also include looking at our soul's purpose and how we authentically express it. There is much to discover and uncover about ourselves as we face our shadow and become more of the light that we are. All students receive a certificate of year-one completion at the last class of that year.


Self-Mastery Mentorship Year Two:

Each member of the group has the option to continue for a second year. This year is for those who would like to take what they have learned in year one and expand upon it. It may include honing in on specific skills and gifts guiding one to develop them further and, if the group is interested, learn how to develop a business from what they have learned. Opportunity is given to the group to practice any modalities they have learned and expand their areas of focus (examples are to become a life coach, teach shadow work or any other type of class) and have assistance in developing programs, classes, or other business aspects. The second year is for those who are committed to their path and want to be of service to others. Again, the monthly in person and zoom class dates are given on or before the first class. The areas of focus/topics are included with the dates. It provides those that continue the opportunity of deepening their bond with each other as well as with their higher self/soul. Students will receive a year two certificate of completion at the last class.


Self-Mastery Mentorship Year Three:

We have an internship blueprint in place for those who wish to build a strong foundation to manifest their goals. Our internships are specialized to meet each individual's unique needs.

Those who decide to continue into year three become apprentices. This gives them the opportunity to teach, offer sessions, write for the Blossoming into Light website and other areas of focus at our center. You will work as an intern while being given the opportunity to discover more fully the steps required to create your new future. We will meet via zoom monthly and inperson quarterly to have the opportunity to plan and review each step along this path. At the end of this year you will receive a specialized certificate based on your area of expertise.

If you are committed to your own growth, feel called to dive deep and do the work, this program may be for you. It's for those who want to explore their path, their souls calling and live authentically. And you choose whether to participate one, two or three full years we look forward to sharing more with you and assisting you in the process of creating your best life!