Offering Monthly Group Sacred Sound Healing Meditation Practices

Sacred Sound Meditations are a unique compilation of singing bowls, crystal pyramids, awakening bell, chimes, tuning forks and assorted other sound healing tools. Our goal is to create a sacred and centered environment with focused intention while you are bathed lovingly with the energy of these tools. We love to share some information regarding the current energetic landscape prior to beginning each meditation. Many times we will use crystals and have a grid to deepen and enhance the energies. Before people arrive in-person and/or via zoom, we select oracle cards for a message for each attendee. We love the synchronicity of what each person receives from the card chosen.

Although we look to hold these meditations on a monthly basis, it is always best to check our calendar of events for what is scheduled. If there are special dates, such as full moons, new moons, special energy days such as 8-8 or others, we will advertise it in that way.

We are open to coming to your home or work location to provide these meditations. For these types of groups, we require a minimum of eight individuals. There would be a per person charge along with additional fee for distances over 45 miles. If the location is out of New Jersey, and requires us to stay overnight at a hotel, we would build in these expenses to the per person charge. Reach out to us for an estimate and to schedule.