Raindrop Technique™

Raindrop Technique™ was developed by Gary Young.  It is powerful, effective, and non-invasive.  The technique uplifts the spirit, relaxes, and soothes the mind and body, to help create a sense of equilibrium.  It uses specific essential oils and techniques to support overall well-being. A session is about an hour in length.

Sue is a Certified Raindrop Technique Practitioner and Instructor through Lightwing Center.  If you are interested in learning the technique, let Sue know.

Please note that for classes, part 1 will be via Zoom, part 2 is the hands-on practice and must be in person.

For a Raindrop Technique session, the energy exchange is $85.

For more information on training and pricing, you can learn more at www.lightwingcenter.org/raindroptechnique/