Our New Soul Sage Gathering Series

This summer, we are spending time refreshing our Intuitive and Spiritual Development classes. Our new and improved series to begin in September 2023.

We are excited to announce our new Soul Sage Gatherings. These transformative and empowering gatherings will delve into the depths of the soul, nurturing inner wisdom and spiritual growth.  These gatherings will be a sacred and supportive space where we come together to explore intuition, connect with our inner selves, deepen our spiritual understanding, and share profound insights.

We will use various practices, including meditation, introspection, and energetic exercises. Participants will embark on a journey of self-discovery, cultivating a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the universe.  Our Soul Sage Gatherings will provide a supportive and nurturing environment for you to unlock your innate wisdom and embrace your truest self.

These gatherings will be a 4-part series meeting every other week for two hours.  This Soul Sage Gathering is for you if:

  • You are a soul seeker who is deeply curious and actively seeking spiritual growth, self-discovery and has a genuine desire to explore the depths of your soul and embrace your inner wisdom.
  • You are an open-hearted explorer who approaches the gathering with an open heart, ready to embark on a transformative journey, willing to embrace vulnerability, and explore new perspectives and insights.
  • You are an intuitive trailblazer who wants to deepen your trust of your intuition, desires to follow your inner compass, and is eager to develop and enhance your intuitive abilities, paving the way for personal and spiritual growth.
  • You are a reflective observer who possesses a contemplative nature, valuing introspection, and self-reflection.
  • You can attentively observe your experiences, seeking deeper understanding and meaning, and are open to discover, grow and evolve through the gathering.
  • You are an authentic seeker of truth who is committed to living authentically, with a sincere dedication to uncovering your true self, aligning your actions with your core values, and embracing personal transformation with courage and honesty.
  • You are willing to do homework in between classes by working with classmates outside of class to practice, discuss, and/or research topics and complete the worksheet provided to simplify the process.

Why we chose this name:

  • Soul: this represents the essence of a person—their inner self, true nature, true self, or spiritual core. It represents the part of us that transcends the physical body and is connected to something greater than ourselves.
  • Sage: the word sage is often described as a wise and knowledgeable person especially in matters related to spirituality. Sages are often teachers and mentors who guide someone’s intuitive development journey.
  • Gatherings: this is where individuals come together to engage in activities and promote spiritual exploration, intuitive practices, and inner growth.


Our Soul Sage Gatherings will take place via Zoom. This allows the flexibility to join our gatherings from any place in the world.

At the end of each series of gatherings, participants can receive a certificate of completion if requested via email. For those who take a minimum of eight four class series, the certificate title will be “Certified Psychic Practitioner Level I”. For those who take a minimum of 16 four class series, the certificate title will be “Certified Psychic Practitioner Level II”.

Early, Early Bird Pricing for Series One $150 by August 2nd

Early Bird Pricing for Series One $175 by August 23rd

Regular Price for Series One $200

Class size is limited to eight (8) people.

Soul Sage Gathering begins on: Thursday, Sept 7th

Our focus in this first gathering will include the following topics:

  • Understanding Psychic Abilities such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, telepathy, etc.
  • Developing intuition and psychic awareness and sharing techniques to enhance intuition and heighten psychic awareness through meditation, mindfulness, and exercises.
  • Psychic protection and energy management along with techniques to set healthy energetic boundaries.
  • Connecting with Spirit Guides and the higher self to establish a stronger connection to access guidance.
  • These topics will provide a solid foundation and is the starting point for exploration and growth.
  • Meditations and exercises to begin to build trust in your intuitive gifts.

Series One Dates are:

Sept 7th, Sept 21st, Oct 5th, Oct 19th

Soul Sage Gathering Series #2 begins on Thursday, Nov 2nd

Our focus in this gathering will include the following topics:

  • Ethical practices and using integrity when accessing your psychic abilities. Further discussions focusing on setting healthy boundaries in readings and spiritual work.
  • Psychometry and reading the energy and history of an object.
  • Exploration of different divination tools and practices such as oracle cards and scrying (in later series we will delve deeper into divination tools).
  • Intuitive symbols and impressions along with the symbology in oracle cards and how to recognize.
  • Meditations and exercises to further explore intuitive gifts and the use of oracle cards.

Series Two Dates are:

Nov 2nd, Nov 16th, Nov 30th, Dec 14th

Next year’s four class series along with dates will be announced by November along with their topics.


Additional information about this call can be found here: Intuitive Spiritual Development Circle.

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