Light of Lemuria

Bringing through the energy and light of the ancient civilization Lemuria. Reconnecting to bring in the new earth.

One may feel drawn to Light of Lemuria Reiki if they wish to bring in additional light to assist in establishing New Earth.  It can awaken your gifts from Lemuria and assist you to feel more harmonious. Following are some of the benefits of Light of Lemuria Reiki.

Some of the benefits of Light of Lemuria Reiki include increased light and energy, assistance in manifesting your dreams and goals, support for establishing New Earth, and much more. If you feel called to this amazing energy, please don't hesitate to connect with it today!

Light of Lemuria Reiki is a form of Reiki, and one of the major differences is that it is said to be one of the highest frequencies of energy available to us currently. This makes it an excellent choice if you want something to help you connect with your higher self or to support you in manifesting your dreams and goals.

Benefits of Light of Lemuria Reiki

  • Receive light codes from Lemuria to awaken your gifts
  • Feel a sense of calm, gentle energy to awaken your desire to assist in establishing a new earth
  • Experience centeredness and harmonious energies to connect you to your higher self and the self that lived in Lemuria
  • Reconnect to your ancestors from this time
  • One may have past life memories surface
  • Awaken to oneness, unity, and a deeper love of self, as well as a deeper love of our mother earth

Millions of years ago, there was an ancient civilization known as Lemuria. Lemurian’s are peaceful beings who were said to be highly intelligent.  Through Light of Lemuria Reiki, we bring through their energy and light. Although Lemuria is not seen in the physical realm, it still exists. This modality connects to those energies that are available to us.

Lemuria was a land where everyone lived in harmony.  They respected mother earth and lived according to her natural rhythms. All beings were equal.

When you meet a shaman and/or healer, it is quite possible that they lived in Lemuria.  The gifts they share were carried over with them through many lifetimes.

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