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Our intuitive development circles and summertime intuitive wisdom classes are for those students who are committed to their personal growth, have a desire to attend weekly classes and be in a community with others looking to delve deep into their spiritual and intuitive gifts.

For the intuitive development circles, we offer two semesters during the year.  Our fall semester begins right after Labor Day and completes the week before Christmas.  The winter/spring semester begins the week after New Year’s Day and goes until the last week of May. Currently, we have a Wednesday morning or a Wednesday evening class available.

During the fall and winter/spring semesters, we share and discuss a variety of topics.  These may include topics such as psychic senses, auras, chakras, angels and guides, vibration/frequency, ascension, mediumship, akashic/soul records and more!  Each week of the semester, you will experience a guided meditation and practice exercise(s) to explore and expand your gifts. These are geared towards building trust in your gifts.  Our intention is for you to use these gifts for your daily life.  If one is interested in becoming an intuitive reader and/or use their gifts for healing, this is the perfect place for it.  Others join because they want to develop trust in the messages and guidance they receive from their higher self and guides.

Regular attendance is important as we build energy as a group, and it is the best way to experience growth and development. When one is consistent, their gifts expand while trust in strengthened.

One-on-One Development

Interested in working with us one-on-one?  We offer this option for those who would like to develop a specific area. This could be mediumship, soul connection, meditation or other areas.  For this option, please contact us by emailing us at

How To Register for the Intuitive Development Classes

To register for a semester, please complete the form at this link:

Class Payment Options

Summer Intuitive Wisdom Series

To provide a shorter, focused class for those who prefer this, we offer a Summer Intuitive Wisdom Series. These run by the month.  There are four classes in each series and are offered in June, July, and August each year.  Each four-class series will have a specific focus.  As an example, in June 2021, our topic was Scrying.  This provided weekly information on the various forms of scrying and exercises to practice four different types.  In July 2021, we’re offering a four-class series on the Akashic Records (our soul’s records).  We’ll be teaching several different methods to connect to the records including practicing through guided meditations and direct access.  In August 2021, we’ll be focusing on oracle decks.  This includes discussion on imagery, symbols, and meanings of the cards, how to card layouts and practice readings for each other.

Each summer we will offer different areas to focus on.  This is meant to be fun as well as informative while building your trust in your abilities.

To register for one of our Summer Intuitive Series complete the form at this link first:

Then make payment of $100 for the four-class series choosing the appropriate month you are participating in:

Class Payment Options

Intuitive Development Classes Testimonials

Blossoming into Light supports you on your journey of awakening, development and discovering your gifts.  I have taken both development class as well as Energy Healing Practitioner classes with both Sue & Leslie.  These two women have an extensive knowledge base, plethora of experience, their teaching methods are insightful, and engaging.  Sue & Leslie worked with each student giving of their time, sharing their energy and provided a truly comprehensive class. 

Thank you, Sue & Leslie, and Blossoming into Light, for all your support, guidance, and love over the last year.  I am so grateful to be your student and learning alongside such beautiful souls. 

Renee M.

"As a newcomer to development, I didn't know what to expect. What a pleasant surprise! In an ever-evolving format, I honed my psychic & spiritual gifts and learned techniques that I never knew existed. Sue & Leslie's warm approach in sharing their knowledge is evident your first class. There is always a full spectrum of topics discussed in an environment full of openness and trust. I would never hesitate to come to them with a question, concern or just their overall perspective. They are both information powerhouses of metaphysical topics. If you are unaware of the power within you, this class will open the doors. If you want to understand the energy that surrounds you - this class will bring wonderment back to your life. If you've never heard the still voice within, their meditations will quiet your mind. This class truly comes from a place of love & light and will nourish your soul. Check it out!

Heidi D.