Intuitive & Soul Readings

Sue & Leslie offer intuitive & soul readings to provide you with guidance on your journey forward. This can include ways to move through challenges, create more loving relationships, making life changes, and transformation from the inside out.

Sue has been an intuitive reader for over 10 years and has been teaching intuitive development both on her own and with Leslie for the same.

Leslie has been an intuitive reader for over 8 years and has been teaching intuitive development for almost 8 years with Sue.

They both love reading and teaching intuitive development. Their passion comes through seeing their clients and students learn to trust their own intuition, developing their gifts, as well as finding joy in the journey.


Energy Exchange:

Intuitive in-person, phone, or zoom appointments

• ½ $70
• 1 Hour $135

Soul Reading Recording

• $88

Sue’s Readings:

Intuitive Card readings. Sue uses a variety of oracle cards and connects to her guides, higher self as well as your guides and higher self to provide detailed guidance.

Soul Reading Recordings. Sue’s Soul Readings are recorded and emailed to you. She begins with calculating your life path number to share some useful information about you. This is based on your date of birth. She also will calculate your personal year along with sharing what energies are available to you during the current year. Then she shares about the universal year energies. Next she draws anywhere from 2 to 4 cards to add more details as she connects with your soul. The combination of the cards and the flow of information from you soul provide details based on your questions and/or what your soul would like to know. Recordings are generally from 45 minutes to an hour.

Leslie’s Readings

Intuitive Card and Soul Readings. Leslie incorporates both oracle cards and connecting with your soul in her readings. She finds the combination a powerful way to share guidance that is useful for her clients. Leslie is an empath and connects deeply to what she feels from her client, their soul, and the messages of the cards.