by Rev. Sue Freeman

For many years, feeling drawn to people with intuitive gifts, I often wondered if I had them.  I was in awe of how they could connect to information easily and have such accuracy in what they shared.  I read many books on the topic and even tried some of the exercises often feeling discouraged.  This didn’t stop me from pursuing this interest and I was led by Spirit to a development circle. In this circle, we explored, practiced and developed our gifts, building trust in ourselves.  Spending seven years in a formal setting was one of the best gifts I gave myself.  I learned so much and came to realize we all have intuition and can develop it.

When I first began teaching, my passion for assisting others in discovering and developing their intuitive gifts became more and more evident.  My passion continued to grow and still, today continues to grow.  The joy in teaching beside Rev. Leslie has brought this passion to a whole new level.  Together our teaching style complements the gifts we each have and offers our students a broad range of understanding of their own gifts.

A development circle is a community of like-minded individuals who want to explore their spirituality and intuitive gifts.  It provides the student with energy awareness, daily self-care tools and a way to understand themselves in a deeper way.  During a circle, we offer a variety of metaphysical and spiritual topics that are discussed along with suggested further reading for those who want to explore even further.  During each class, a guided meditation and an exercise are included to assist one in discovering and developing their intuitive gifts. 

 Not only does a circle provide a safe place to explore, expand, grow and trust yourself and your intuitive abilities, it also encourages one to dive deeper into the inner world of self-understanding.  Students developing their abilities discover they can be used to enhance their daily life including career, decision making and embracing their life purpose. 

Some topics covered may include the levels of consciousness, universal laws, what it means to be an empath, psychic senses, crystals, sound and other vibrational tools as well as essential oils to enhance your intuition.  Homework may be given for further exploration and learning.  Students have the opportunity to share and discuss these topics and any homework assignments with each other in class to expand their understanding.  This assists in the integration of the information and allows them the space to determine whether they resonate with the concepts and topics.

This type of circle provides students with an opportunity to build energy as a group, creating soul connections and lasting friendships.  There is a deepening of authenticity individually and as a group.  It is an interactive and fun immersion opening you up to new pathways of opportunity.  Are you ready to dive deep?   Are you ready to explore your opening gifts? 

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