Founders of the Light


Rev. Sue Freeman - Cofounder of Blossoming Into Light Ministry

Rev. Sue Freeman is the co-founder of Blossoming into Light. In 2017, she formed a partnership with Rev. Leslie Treloar. Their mission is to serve those who are looking to live life on purpose through reconnecting to their authentic, divine self.

Sue’s experience includes being the founder and owner of The Art of the Heart which she ran from 2009 to 2017. Her previous experience was in the corporate world working in Human Resources. In 1995, Sue began to awaken spiritually and became interested in Reiki. She continues to seek out training programs to deepen her own awakening as well as to offer additional services to her clients.

Other classes and training include Intuitive Development, Summer Intuitive Wisdom Series, Crystal Therapy, Sound Therapy, Reiki, Shamballa Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Color Therapy, Light of Lemuria Reiki, Rose Light Reiki among others. Sue attended the Esoteric School of Healing where she completed their Healer’s Path program. She became an Ordained Minister and officiates weddings and offers blessing ceremonies. Sue is a Certified Empowerment Coach and has attended training being certified in Clinical Aromatherapy. She is certified to offer Raindrop Technique® and is a Certified Instructor of Raindrop Technique® with Lightwing Center.

Sue has a passion for essential oils, energy healing, teaching as well as the creative arts and combines a variety of modalities in her work. She also has a passion for building community and helping others make connections with their tribe.  Sue encourages her students to reach for their highest potential while uncovering, discovering, exploring, expanding and growing in their spiritual and day-to-day life journey. Sue believes in community, unity and collaboration with other like-minded individuals and fosters this in others.

Some of Sue’s offerings include:

  • Energy Healing with Aura Clearing and Balancing, Reiki, Shamballa Reiki, IET, Crystal Therapy, Sound Therapy, Aromatherapy including Raindrop Technique®, Light of Lemuria Reiki and Rose Light Reiki
  • One-on-One Mentoring and Coaching Aromatherapy, Intuitive Development, Self-Empowerment, Self-Mastery and other areas
  • Intuitive and Soul Readings
  • Classes in Crystals, Essential Oils, Psychic Development, Reiki, Energy Healing, Lemurian Light Reiki, Rose Light Reiki, Self-Mastery
  • New in 2021, offering certification programs: Crystal Healing Practitioner Certification and Energy Healing Practitioner Certification

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Sue at 862-222-4268 or through our contact page. Please feel free to browse our website for specifics on services, ascension tools and classes.


Rev. Leslie Treloar - Cofounder of Blossoming Into Light Ministry

Rev. Leslie Treloar is the co-founder of Blossoming into Light. In 2017, she formed a partnership with Rev. Sue Freeman. Their life purpose is to serve those who are awakening to their unique and divine self.

Leslie has been studying a variety of modalities and spiritual practices for most of her life. Her journey began in her twenties. Over the past nine years, she has focused on developing her intuitive gifts along with training in Reiki, IET, Oneness Blessings and Energy Therapies such as Sound, Crystals, Color, Light of Lemuria Reiki, Rose Light Reiki among others.

In 2015, Leslie began teaching classes in Intuitive Development, Reiki, Chanting and Meditation as well as Essential Oils. One of her passions is teaching Intuitive Development. She loves to hold the space for her students as they learn how to trust, develop their gifts, and become more of their authentic selves.

Leslie was introduced to essential oils in 2012, which have become a huge part of her lifestyle. Essential oils have helped support all areas of her life and she loves to share and teach about them. Leslie became a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist in 2017 and continues to study and share the powerful benefits of these amazing oils.

  • Leslie is available for Flower and Intuitive Card Readings. She draws on her emphathic and clairvoyant abilities to share light, love and clarity. She connects to the energy radiating through the flower to give guidance to her clients. Leslie also brings in the energy of color. Color has a vibration that resonates with her and her clients providing the guidance to assist them in moving forward.
  • Leslie offers energy healing sessions providing a comforting atmosphere for her clients to access their own innate healing abilities. Utilizing tools such as Tuning Forks and other types of sound, Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki, Rose Light Reiki, Lemurian Light Reiki, Crystals and Essential Oils, she offers assistance to her clients in finding balance.
  • Leslie offers mentorship programs for groups and individuals in intuitive and spiritual development, aromatherapy, and self-mastery.
  • Leslie became an Oola Certified Coach in 2021.  Each one of us was designed for a life of balance, growth, and purpose--the Oola life.  In order to find the life we're destined for, we must first attain balance and growth in the seven key areas of life—fitness, finance, family, field, faith, friends and fun. The 7 Fs of Oola. Leslie has completed extensive training to coach clients through the Oola Framework, teach Oola workshops and lead Summits.

She can be reached at (973) 876-1708 or via our contact page. For more information, feel free to explore our website for details on our mentorship programs, classes, and services.