Energy Therapy

We offer a variety of modalities and therapies to help clear, balance and align your energy..


Reiki is a gentle hands-on energy modality. The giver of Reiki is a vehicle for this universal energy of love to flow through them to the receiver. At the very least, the receiver will feel relaxed and enter into a peaceful state. As the Reiki Practitioner facilitates the energy, Reiki energy has an intelligence of its own and knows where the person receiving it has a need. It is key to remember that Reiki and any form of energy healing is not a replacement for any treatments you are receiving from a health care provider. It can aid you in feeling more relaxed in order to make healthy decisions for yourself.

A typical Reiki session lasts for one hour. Depending on the individual’s needs and whether other modalities and energy tools are used such as crystals, essential oils, etc., a session may go longer.



Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) is different from Reiki. Reiki is more passive as the practitioner allows the energy to flow through them. With IET, the practitioner is moving energy in and out of the body with very specific hand motions. IET works with the angels of the energy field. Each angel assists with specific emotions. IET has the saying “get the issues out of the tissues” and is a more pro-active hands yet gentle as well.