Energy Healing Practitioner Certification Program

Providing the opportunity to learn a variety of healing modalities along with energy healing and energy management techniques.

Energy Healing Practitioner Certification Program

Our Energy Healing Practitioner Certification Program is designed to cover a broad range of topics that will assist the student in learning from basic energy healing to more advanced, have hands-on practice with homework and assignments, and go through three levels of training with us on Zoom. Each level can be taken individually, or to save on pricing, a commitment to all three levels.  Each student will complete an application and an agreement. At the end of each level, and after successful completion of the homework assignments, the student receives a certificate which is emailed to them.

We meet for four hours each month on Zoom. We use PowerPoints that are made into a PDF as your handbook. Email support in between classes is available.

Each level is eight months in length, and you can save if you commit and pay for all three levels up front.  Please email us at for details on the pricing.

We have significantly discounted the cost of the program this year since we will be moving it to our learning portal as a self-paced program in the beginning of 2024. This will be the last time it will be offered as a live on zoom program.

What is Covered:

We cover a wide variety of energy healing topics and with each subsequent level, it is taken to a more advanced level.  We also introduce additional topics with each level. Following are some of the topics covered (and this may change slightly yet provides a fairly comprehensive overview of what is covered). We can tailor the program to include specific individual interests as well.
Level I:

  • Intro to Energy Healing
  • Energy, Vibration, Sensing Energy
  • Intuition and using it with Energy Healing
  • Ethics and Integrity for the Energy Healer
  • Mindset and Intention
  • Energy Management & Self-Care
  • Levels of Consciousness
  • Trauma and Ways to Approach It
  • Essential Oils and Basic Aromatherapy
  • Chakras & Auras
  • Introduction to Crystal Healing
  • Introduction to Sound Healing
  • Introduction to Color Therapy
  • Crystal Elixirs & Grids
  • Steps of a Healing Session and Your Preparation
  • Introduction to Pendulum Use in Healing Work

Level II:

  • Level I Crystal Healing
  • Level I Sound Healing
  • Level I Color Therapy
  • Advanced Techniques with Pendulum Work
  • Advanced Crystal Grids
  • Further Development of Intuitive Gifts for Healing Work
  • Advanced Techniques for Balancing the Chakras
  • Ascension/5th Dimension Chakra Changes and How to Work with Them
  • Advanced Tools for Healing Work
  • Connecting Intuitively with Your Clients to Take the Healing Session to a Deeper Level
  • Introduction to Past Life Regression
  • Introduction to Soul Healing

Level III:

  • Level II & III Crystal Healing
  • Level II Sound Healing
  • Level II Color Therapy
  • Crystalline Rainbow Rose Empowerment System
  • Working With Guided Imagery and Visualization in Your Practice
  • Past Life Regression Level I
  • Soul Healing Level I
  • Additional Techniques & Tools for Energy Healing
  • Healing Guides, Yours & Your Clients, and Working with Them in Your Sessions
  • Working with the Moon Cycles, Wheel of the Year, and How to Utilize These Energies for Your Business
  • Business Set up & Information to Get Started
  • Marketing & Branding of Your Business Plus Resources

Please note that the Crystalline Rainbow Rose Empowerment System is channeled by us.  You will receive a separate handbook that cannot be changed or altered. An MP3 guided meditation and activation is included. It is highly suggested that to pass this on to others for you to be a Reiki Master Teacher. Otherwise, you can use it for yourself and on your clients.

What to Expect & Program Requirements:

  • Each month, we will be emailing you the corresponding PDF handout to read through prior to that month’s class.
  • We ask you to make note of any questions you may have in preparation for class.
  • During the class, we discuss key areas and focus on any questions you may have.
  • Some months we may be demonstrating specific techniques to assist you in having a feel of how they are done and the flow.
  • Each month you will have homework and we provide worksheets to simplify the process (more details later in this document).
  • The homework provides a way to have continued learning and hands-on experience with what is taught.
  • We know everyone has heavy demands on their time, and in this program, you get out of it what you put into it.
  • With that in mind, it is up to you the amount of time you spend on your homework.
  • A research assignment is required at the end of each level.
  • The research assignment consists of a session for yourself of a type of modality you have never experienced before and write a short assignment about it.
  • All homework and the research assignment must be completed at the end of the level to qualify for certification.
  • We suggest that homework be done as you go through the program each month and turned in prior to the next class.

Before the start of the program, each student receives the agenda for each class, the dates of the classes, and any other details needed to begin.

Additional information on homework:

  • Each worksheet will explain the homework, plus we will explain it during the class each month.
  • It will include a practice and/or research to expand on what was learned that month.
  • The format is to answer questions and/or provide descriptions of what was completed for the homework.
  • Homework benefits you and provides guidance on what to complete that month.
  • Again, you will gain from the homework what you put into it.
  • It is not meant to overwhelm you, instead to compliment your learning and experience.
  • It is up to you how much time you spend on completing it.

Energy Healer Practitioner Program Testimonial

Blossoming into Light supports you on your journey of awakening, development and discovering your gifts.  I have taken both development class as well as Energy Healing Practitioner classes with both Sue & Leslie.  These two women have an extensive knowledge base, plethora of experience, their teaching methods are insightful, and engaging.  Sue & Leslie worked with each student giving of their time, sharing their energy and provided a truly comprehensive class.

Thank you, Sue & Leslie, and Blossoming into Light, for all your support, guidance, and love over the last year.  I am so grateful to be your student and learning alongside such beautiful souls.

Renee M.