Embark on Your Energy Healing Practitioner Journey: Certification Program Starts August 15, 2023

Sue and I are excited to offer this recently refreshed and upgraded version of our Energy Healing Practitioner Certification Program at Blossoming into Light.

Five reasons to consider participating in an Energy Healing Practitioner Certification Program:

  1. Comprehensive Training


  1. Professional Credibility


  1. Skill Development


  1. Ethical Standards


  1. Networking and Support


The Program:

Our program aims to encompass a wide array of subjects to support students on their path from foundational energy healing to more advanced practices. It incorporates interactive sessions for hands-on experience, including engaging homework and assignments. The training spans three levels and is conducted via Zoom.

Each interested person must complete an application to be considered for admittance into the program.

At the end of each level, and after successful completion of the homework assignments, the student receives a certificate which will be emailed to them.

We meet for four hours each month on Zoom. Students will be provided with a comprehensive and in-depth class manual that serves as a valuable resource throughout their learning journey.  Email support in between classes is available.

Each level is eight months in length, and you can save if you commit to all three levels.

Due to transitioning our program to a self-paced format on our new learning portal in 2024, we have implemented a substantial cost reduction for this year.  This marks the final opportunity to participate in the live Zoom version of this program.


What is Covered:

In this program, we delve into a broad range of energy healing subjects. As the student progresses through each level, the knowledge and practices become increasingly more advanced.

Following are some of the topics that will be covered (this may change slightly to include specific individual interests):

Level I:

  • Introduction to Energy Healing


  • Energy, Vibration, Frequency, Schumann Resonance, Solar Energies, and The Importance of Keeping Your Vibration High


  • Energy Sensing and the Different Ways to Increase


  • Benefits of Developing and Using Intuition in an Energy Healing Session


  • Ethics and Integrity for the Energy Healer


  • Mindset and Intention


  • Energy Management & Self-Care


  • Levels of Consciousness


  • Trauma and Ways to Approach It


  • Essential Oils and Basic Aromatherapy


  • Chakras & Auras


  • Introduction to Crystal Healing


  • Introduction to Sound Healing


  • Introduction to Color Therapy


  • Crystal Elixirs & Grids


  • Steps for Preparing and Conducting an Energy Healing Session


  • Introduction to Using a Pendulum in Energy Healing Work


Level II:

  • Level I Crystal Healing


  • Level I Sound Healing


  • Level I Color Therapy


  • Advanced Pendulum Techniques


  • Advanced Crystal Grids


  • Further Development of Intuitive Gifts for use in your Healing Work


  • Advanced Techniques for Balancing the Chakras


  • Ascension/5th Dimension Chakra Changes and How to Work with Them


  • Advanced Tools for Healing Work


  • Connecting Intuitively with your Clients to Take the Energy Healing Session to a Deeper Level


  • Introduction to Past Life Regression


  • Introduction to Soul Healing


Level III:

  • Level II & III Crystal Healing


  • Level II Sound Healing


  • Level II Color Therapy


  • Crystalline Rainbow Rose Empowerment System


  • Working With Guided Imagery and Visualization in Your Practice


  • Past Life Regression Level I


  • Soul Healing Level I


  • Additional Techniques & Tools for Energy Healing


  • Unlocking the Power of Healing Guides: Guiding Transformation for Yourself and Your Clients during sessions


  • Working with the Moon Cycles, Wheel of the Year, and How to Utilize These Energies in Your Business


  • More Detailed Business Set up & Information to Get Started


  • Marketing & Branding of Your Business Plus Resources

The World Needs Your Light:

As you consider taking this transformative step towards becoming an Energy Healing practitioner, remember that the journey you embark upon is more than just a certification program—it’s an opportunity to embrace your calling, unlock your potential, and make a profound impact on the lives of others.  With dedication, compassion, and a commitment to lifelong learning, you have the power to support, uplift, and inspire.  So, step into your purpose, embrace the energy within, and let your light shine brightly as you embark on this remarkable path of transformation.  Let Sue and I provide the bridge.  The world eagerly awaits the incredible gifts that you have to offer.

Free Webinars:

The following dates are still available to join us on our free webinar to meet us and ask any questions:

Sunday, July 23rd @ 8:00 – 8:30 pm ET

Saturday, Aug 5th @ 11:00 – 11:30 am ET

Register for our free webinar to learn more at the link below and receive your freebie (a beautiful Chakra Guidebook):




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