Crystal Healing Practitioner Certification Program

Providing a variety of crystal classes with hands-on information and practice.

Crystal Healing Practitioner Certification Program

This four-month program has a variety of crystal information, study and topics based on the level.

Level I:

In this level, you will learn about the history of crystals, the geometric shapes, how shaped crystals are used, the vibration/frequency of crystals and how to connect the crystal’s energy, crystal devas, chakras, crystals for the chakras and organs, organ clock and how to use it, creating your crystal healing toolkit, specific layouts, using intuition and more!


Level II:

In this level, you will take your learning from Level I and expand on it. You will learn more advanced crystal healing and techniques, expand your experience with the crystal devas, deepen your crystal wisdom, explore ascension crystals, crystal elixirs and more.


Level III:

In this level, you will take your learning even further with additional advanced techniques, using advanced crystals, synergy of crystals, combining crystals with sound and color therapy, additional layouts and crystal grids plus more.

Crystal Healing Practitioner Cert Pgm

Crystal Healing Practitioner Certification Program Testimonial

"This is a fantastic certification course to take if you're looking to get into Crystal Healing or to add an additional healing modality to your healing work. Leslie and Sue are absolutely the best teachers and sprititual advisors. My favorite part of Level 1 was learning about Moon Rituals and how they directly impact your crystal healing work. I've learned so much and I've only completed Level 1. Can't wait to continue through the rest of the program. This is a great certification course with absolutely amazing teachers!!"

Ashlee H.