Crystal Healing Practitioner Certification Program

Providing a variety of crystal classes with hands-on information and practice.

Crystal Healing Practitioner Certification Program

We offer a program to be certified in crystal healing for those who would love to work in this field. This is a self-paced program you do on your own time. There are three levels.

Benefits of this program:

• Learn at your own pace
• Wide range of crystal information & practices
• Learn methods and procedures for crystal healing
• Email support to answer questions
• Opportunity to put your learning into practice
• Learn how to start your business


This self-paced program is for you if:

• You are self-motivated
• Willing to learn and study about crystals and crystal healing
• Ready to learn and build a crystal healing business
• Have a friend or family member to practice on

What is included:

• PowerPoint presentations of crystal healing information
• Layout diagrams with details
• Worksheets for ease of homework completion and submission
• Email correspondence to ask questions and gain clarity on any details
• Practices to complete and submit as homework on the worksheets
• Information on setting up your business
• Handbook of all details in the PowerPoint slides
• A recorded meditation
• Certificate upon completion and submission of all homework assignments including a research assignment for each level completed.

Each level is purchased individually. Following is the energy exchange:

Level I - $247
Level II - $247
Level III - $247

Crystal Healing Practitioner Certification Program Testimonial

"This is a fantastic certification course to take if you're looking to get into Crystal Healing or to add an additional healing modality to your healing work. Leslie and Sue are absolutely the best teachers and sprititual advisors. My favorite part of Level 1 was learning about Moon Rituals and how they directly impact your crystal healing work. I've learned so much and I've only completed Level 1. Can't wait to continue through the rest of the program. This is a great certification course with absolutely amazing teachers!!"

Ashlee H.