Rose Reiki

Rose Reiki is a channeled modality using a very pure form of Divine Feminine energy.

Rose Reiki is a channeled modality using a very pure form of Divine Feminine energy. It often will bring the scent of roses to the practitioner and even the client. Rose Light Reiki is a wonderful addition to Usui Reiki as well as other lineages. It was channeled by Ishtara Ammuna Rose.

When one experiences the attunement, it will open and activate the rose energy within. This may lead to a remembering of your connection to the rose. One may come to understand the pure essence of the rose energy and especially Rose Light Reiki.

When a practitioner connects and channels this high vibrational rose energy, it can bring about profound shifts in both you and your client. It can be used to increase one’s self-worth, self-esteem, self-love, and remind us of our inner beauty. Most of us can benefit greatly as these improve within us, as it may also enhance our lives in amazing ways. Our inner radiance is called forth lifting our vibration and bringing us more synchronicities and self-awareness.

The Rose Ray is held by Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Isis, Kuan Yin, and Aphrodite. When working with Rose Light Reiki, you can call in any or all of them. They will assist with bringing this energy to your clients and provide guidance during a session.
Sessions can be a combination of Reiki along with Rose Light Reiki. All one does is call it in when you are drawn to use it for yourself or others. It adds a special touch to have photos of roses and/or real roses in your healing room.

This is done as a distance attunement. You receive a live audio self-initiation ceremony with instructions as a pdf. The attunement is via a chi ball. This is a powerful way to receive this very special Rose Reiki. It is helpful to set up your special sacred space and have flowers if you would like and/or any other special crystals, images of Mary Magdalene, etc.

Once you have completed your self-initiation, let us know and we will email your certificate.

It is also offered occasionally in our group attunement and meditation.

Energy Exchange: $25

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