Pleiadian Tachyon Diamond Light

A crystal and diamond light frequency energy attunement connected with the Pleiadians. A beautiful energy from the Masters of Light

A new upgraded light energy attunement system for the new energies that began coming through in 2020 and is channeled by Ishtara Immuna Rose. It is meant to prepare us for the next decades.

Ole Gabrielson had brought in Tachyon Reiki attunements in 2008 and then in 2012, brought in what he called Tachyon 1-9 and Tachyon Source. If you are interested in those, we can attune you to them as well. It isn’t necessary to be attuned to these to receive the Tachyon Light channeled by Ishtara.

This Reiki is brought in with the healing light masters of the Pleiades. It carries vibrations needed for these new times. Think in terms of Tachyon energy in its purest source. You can consider it to be very similar to diamond light.

Another interesting aspect is how this beautiful energy comes in with Pleiadian Masters of Light Healing Chambers. In the Pleiades, they have these wonderful Tachyon crystal beds for some miraculous healing as well as reversing aging. This energy ray comes in directly from those Light crystal beds which are in the healing temples there.

The word “Tachyon” comes from the Greek word “tachy” and means acceleration. Nikola Tesla was said to have worked with Tachyon. The name Tachyon was introduced by Gerald Feinburg in 1966. Gerald was a physicist at Columbia University.

Tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than light. They are particles that infuse physical matter with spiritual light. Since Tachyon is faster than the speed of light, it is used in this way as a tool to direct God pure source light into a faster and higher vibration. It really works. Experiencing it will help you understand it.

There are a variety of ways to work with Tachyon energy. Some include the complex use of sacred geometry, crystal grids, and a particular technology process. There are what are called, “Tachyonized” products manufactured by David Wagner. There is a process in machines that takes 14 days for them to be completed.

The Tachyon Light Reiki is different in that it connects directly with the healing energy ray itself. It’s a Reiki ray that you would use just like any other Reiki. The purpose is for creating healing for self and others. It can be used to charge crystals, EMF protective devices, jewelry, food and even water.

To know the full breadth of this powerful form of Reiki, one must experience it directly.

This is done as a distance attunement. You receive a PDF with information and instructions how to receive the attunement which is via a chi ball.

Once you have completed receiving the chi ball initiation, let us know and we will email your certificate.

It is also offered occasionally in our group attunement and meditation.

Energy Exchange: $25

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Pleiadian Tachyon Reiki