Color Therapy Classes


Color is a healing tool to uplift and shift ourselves and our environment. One can use color and the energy rays for self-care and in a healing practice. We have an introduction to color therapy for those who want to use it for themselves or get a taste of what it is about. For those who want to use as a healing tool, we offer two levels to dive into it. These are self-paced classes.

Benefits of this program:

• Self-paced
• Can use it for yourself
• Or can use it both for yourself and clients
• Email support to answer questions
• Learn how to incorporate into your daily life
• Learn how to use it in a healing practice
• Gain new insights into healing with color

This self-paced program is for you if:

• You are self-motivated
• Willing to learn and study about color healing
• Ready to learn and build on your energy healing business (for Level I and II)
• Have a friend or family member to practice on
• Willing to do homework and practice (For Level I & II)

What is included in introduction:

• PowerPoint presentations on color therapy information
• Information on how to use color therapy in your own life
• Email support for questions

What is included in Levels I & II:

• PowerPoint presentations of color therapy information
• Examples of using color therapy in a variety of ways to enhance your life and assist others
• Email correspondence to ask questions and gain clarity on any details
• Practices to incorporate color therapy in your own life so you can assist others
• Information on setting up your color therapy business
• Handbook of all details in the PowerPoint slides
• Certificate upon completion and submission of all homework assignments

Energy Exchange:

Intro to Color Therapy $47
Level I Color Therapy $147
Level II Color Therapy $247