Providing the bridge to your highest potential through connecting mind, body, heart and soul.

Aphrodite Shining
Star Reiki

This is truly one of the most beautiful Reiki that works so well to uplift and reconnect you to your inner beauty. It brings in aspects of the Divine Feminine.

Blue Star
Lemurian Reiki

Blue Star Lemurian is a whole healing empowerment system. Four levels of initiation are included.

Color Therapy

Color is a healing tool to uplift and shift ourselves and our environment.  Through learning about color and how to use it in your everyday life and/or clients, you can enhance your well being.

Crystal Wisdom

We offer many crystal classes which are designed for novice to expert. These classes help you develop your relationship with crystals and empower your life.

Crystal Healing Practitioner Certification Program

We offer a Crystal Healing Practitioner Certification Program for those who would like to be certified and use as a healing modality. The program is set up to provide a variety of crystal classes with hands-on information, homework assignments, a research assignment, and practice.

Energy Healing Practitioner Certification Program

Our Energy Healing Practitioner Certification Program is for those who would like to learn the basics to advanced energy healing as a business and have a deep desire to assist others.

Usui Reiki

Reiki is a gentle, loving, and ancient modality. It clears the pathway for universal life force energy to flow freely for a person’s highest intention for themselves and others.

Group Attunements & Meditations

We offer a monthly group attunement & meditation via Zoom. We currently rotate through five different attunement offerings.

Heart of Mary
Magdalene Reiki

A Reiki of love and compassion. It is meant to carry forward Mary Magdalene's energies to earth. She was the true embodiment of the Divine Feminine, a High Priestess.

Intuitive & Spiritual
Development Circle

This summer, we are spending time refreshing our Intuitive and Spiritual Development classes. Our new and improved series to begin in September 2023.

Light of
Lemuria Reiki

This type of Reiki is for those who feel drawn to Lemuria, want to bring in additional light to assist in establishing New Earth, as well as awaken your gifts from Lemuria.

Lions Gate
Sound Meditation

Details Coming Soon!

Magdalene's Pink Bliss Divine Light

A beautiful Reiki where Pink Bliss is offered as an initiation for this healing modality. It has a deep connection to Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine. It has a very different and lovely vibration.


Do you want to balance all the areas of your life?
Do you want to design your life the way you want it?
Do you want to live a life on purpose, living your dreams while being supported through the process?
Do you want to make YOU a priority again?

Pleiadian Tachyon Diamond Light

A crystal and diamond light frequency energy attunement connected with the Pleiadians. A beautiful energy from the Masters of Light.

Rose Reiki

Rose Reiki is a channeled modality using a very pure form of Divine Feminine energy.

Sacred Sound Healing Meditation

We offer group sacred sound healing meditation both in-person and via Zoom. These are centered around a theme and maybe for the full or new moon, special dates that have significance for our evolution and ascension, or at a time when we feel drawn to offer it.

Self-Mastery Mentorship Program

To achieve self-mastery, one must be willing to look at all parts of themselves. Self-awareness is key. Learning to feel our feelings, along with techniques for transforming them becomes essential for self-mastery.


We are in a time of spiritual acceleration into higher consciousness. This class offers topics to bring you to question, explore, expand, and move forward spiritually.