Providing the bridge to your highest potential through connecting mind, body, heart and soul.

Aroma Bliss

Aroma Bliss Reiki as taught by Sue & Leslie incorporates the high frequency of Essential Oils and combines it with Reiki. We teach all levels of Reiki including Master/Teacher. Every month there is a Reiki class offered so that each level is offered quarterly.

Color Therapy

Details Coming Soon!

Crystal Wisdom

We offer many crystal classes which are designed for novice to expert. These classes help you develop your relationship with crystals and empower your life.

Crystal Healing Practitioner Certification Program

We offer a Crystal Healing Practitioner Certification Program for those who would like to be certified and use as a healing modality. The program is set up to provide a variety of crystal classes with hands-on information, homework assignments, a research assignment, and practice.

Energy Healing Practitioner Certification Program

A new program is being offered for those who would like to learn a variety of healing modalities and techniques for certification. The Energy Healer Practitioner Program is currently forming small groups for Level I. There are three levels available. Upon completion of each level, you receive a certification as an Energy Healer Practitioner Level I, II or III (Master). There are also individual certifications received throughout the program.

Essential Oil

Essential oil & essential oil infused product classes provide a great way to learn about how to use them. Our classes are open to anyone who would like to learn about them. From kicking chemicals to the curb to DIY classes.

Intuitive & Spiritual
Development Circle

Our intuitive development circles are for those students who are committed to their personal growth, have a desire to attend weekly classes and be in a community with others looking to delve deep into their spiritual and intuitive gifts.

Light of
Lemuria Reiki

This is a Reiki that was channeled by Ishtara Rose who is from England. We feel blessed to have been attuned and certified by her to offer it to others. It is a Reiki that will awaken the New Earth while bringing in the energy and light of Lemuria.


Do you want to balance all the areas of your life?
Do you want to design your life the way you want it?
Do you want to live a life on purpose, living your dreams while being supported through the process?
Do you want to make YOU a priority again?

Rose Light

This beautiful Reiki was channeled by Ishtara Rose who is from England. We feel blessed to have received an attunement and certification to pass it onto others from her. It is a healing Ray of the Divine Feminine Light.

Sacred Sound Healing Meditation

We offer group sacred sound healing meditation both in-person and via Zoom. These are centered around a theme and maybe for the full or new moon, special dates that have significance for our evolution and ascension, or at a time when we feel drawn to offer it.

Self-Mastery Mentorship Program

Our Self-Mastery Mentorship Program is a group of four individuals coming together for a 12 month period. We meet monthly in person and via Zoom along with each person having the opportunity for a one on one quarterly mentorship session. The group focus will depend upon the individuals who come together. A few examples of focus are a healer's path, self-discovery path, authenticity path or other self-designed path. There is an opportunity to continue into a second and third year depending on your goals.


The Spiritual Acceleration Classes offer informative topics along with meditations, exercises and/or practices you can use at home. There is a wide variety of topics covered. We meet twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Monday evenings via Zoom.

Vision Board Retreats for Aligning to Divine Universal Laws

This class is led by Sue & Leslie. You will create a vision board with all supplies included. Guided meditation to connect to your inner desires of what you would like to manifest along with how to create a crystal grid to empower your vision board. You will be able to choose up to five tumbled stones with the ability to purchase additional if you would like. Vision boards are a powerful way to manifest in all areas of your life.