Classes & Events

Providing the bridge to your highest potential through connecting mind, body, heart and soul.

Psychic & Spiritual Development Circle

Our psychic and spiritual development classes provide students with opportunities to explore, expand and develop their gifts.

Chanting &
Sound Meditations

Leslie leads chanting once a week. Sometimes alternated with meditations led by either Sue or Leslie. This offers one an opportunity to connect inward and find a sense of inner peace. At each chanting circle or meditation, essential oil is selected and used to enhance the experience. For chanting, Leslie selects a different chant or mantra each time. She will share about it and then lead the group through the chant for a period of time and then allow for time to integrate the energy. For group meditations, it is a guided meditation along with sound such as chimes, tuning forks and/or singing bowl. This helps enhance and deepen the meditation experience.

The chanting circle or meditation is 45 minutes to one hour in length.

Psychic Mastery
Retreat Days

Our retreat days are geared towards expanding and mastering your connection to self, connection to your guides/angels and connection to your gifts. We have discussions, guided meditations, exercises and serve lunch. It’s a packed yet fun day of learning, sharing and growing.

The day includes lunch. Each person receives a certificate of completion and depending on exercises may receive a pendulum, crystal(s) or other tools.

Vision Board and Crystal Grid Class

This class is led by Sue & Leslie. You will create a vision board with all supplies included. Guided meditation to connect to your inner desires of what you would like to manifest along with how to create a crystal grid to empower your vision board. You will be able to choose up to five tumbled stones with the ability to purchase additional if you would like. Vision boards are a powerful way to manifest in all areas of your life.

Crystal Classes

We offer many crystal classes which are designed for novice to expert. These classes help you develop your relationship with crystals and empower your life.

Aroma Bliss Reiki Levels 1, 2 and 3

Aroma Bliss Reiki as taught by Sue & Leslie incorporates the high frequency of Essential Oils and combines it with Reiki. In this training, you will experience essential oils, learn how to incorporate them with Reiki as well as learn the level of Reiki taken. Attunements, practice and exercises are included. Each level receives a certificate for that level, a manual and an essential oil.

Self-Mastery Mentorship Program (For Certification)

This one-year program running from January 2018 through December 2018 meets monthly in-person as a group along with a monthly zoom call. We will meet with you individually once a quarter. During this program, you will learn tools for self-mastery as you expand your gifts. These tools will assist in raising your vibration and enabling you to discover your soul’s purpose in this incarnation. As part of this program, you will learn numerous healing modalities including but not limited to Aroma Bliss Reiki, Crystal Healing, Color Therapy, Lightbody Activation and Sacred Geometry. There will be homework and practice required on what has been learned each month. Three practice sessions are to be documented for each modality and required for certification. Journaling of your experiences will be a part of your exploration and mastery. Each modality and subject matter explored for this program are geared to assisting you in mastering your own energy and life. You will be able to utilize this for self-growth and will have the basis to build a healing practice to assist others on their healing journey should you choose to. Please note: Each individual will be certified in a number of modalities throughout the program and receive certification upon completion as a Master Holistic Practitioner.

Essential Oil

We hold classes to help you learn about essential oils, how they are made, quality of essential oils, how to use them and make them a part of your daily life. You will sample various essential oils. We also teach about kicking chemicals to the curb. We have occasional DIY classes and other special programs where we bring other speakers to teach about topics such as Pet Communication with Essential Oils and more.

Generally, these classes are free except for DIY classes which are charged based on supplies and special speakers may charge a nominal fee.

Holistic Vendor Events, Special Reader’s Days, Healer’s Day & other Special Events

Sue & Leslie organize a variety of events. Some on location and some off-site events as well. We offer pampering events at your house or place of work. We have held holistic vendor events at the Hilton Garden Inn, the Publick House and will hold some outdoor events too. The Reader’s Day and/or Healer’s Day is a way to sample different readers and healers with mini-sessions.