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 by Rev. Sue Freeman For many years, feeling drawn to people with intuitive gifts, I often wondered if I had them.  I was in awe of how they could connect to information easily and have such accuracy in what they shared.  I read many books on the topic and even tried some of the exercises…

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2019 and Self Mastery By Sue Freeman and Leslie Treloar

2019 has been a year of energetic shifts, releasing what no longer serves us and the opportunity to tune into our intuitive guidance to discover our soul’s purpose. With this process, we have been called to express our authentic self, trust we are on the path to our highest purpose all while maintaining balance through…

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The Connection Between Stress and Chronic Pain

Many people find that as they grow up and get older, they begin to experience more pain. Aches, twinges, and other conditions become more and more common because the stress levels in their lives are often rising. Usually, from high school onward, people begin to experience higher demands in their lives. Education, employment, relationships, and…

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