A New Energy and Light – Light of Lemuria Reiki



This energy will rouse the emergence of the new earth and usher in the brilliance of the diverse Lemuria, which once existed here in this realm on our planet.  The Lemurian’s went into their ascension into the realms beyond and into the heart of middle earth.  Many different stories and information about Lemuria exist.

It is our belief that Lemuria was seeded by the Pleiadians, as well as many other starseeds including those from Sirius and Venus, among others.  The essence of Lemuria transcends geographical confines, featuring gateways and portals into the ethereal middle earth across the globe, encompassing America as well as Europe.

Serving as gatekeepers and guardians of Mother Earth and her wondrous flora and fauna, indigenous elders, and landscapes echo with ancient wisdom.  Chanting and gathering in unity, they now resoundingly keep watch over our planet.  Their profound connection to what can be referred to as Lemuria remains strong.

Lemuria stretches far beyond conventional understanding, with Lemurian embodiments frequently reincarnating across diverse human tribes.  These tribes coexist harmoniously with the Earth, engaging with her time-honored portals and the heart of middle earth.  The beings existing in the ethereal realms are actively attempting to reestablish a connection with us, bridging our worlds once more.

It is important to note that Light of Lemuria Reiki is not merely a healing modality; it’s an invitation to become a custodian of the earth’s transformation and a conduit for the dissemination of healing energies to both you and others. Light of Lemuria Reiki opens the doors to ancient knowledge, empowering you to transcend boundaries and embrace your role as a bearer of light. Whether you are seeking personal growth, spiritual expansion, or a deeper connection with the earth, and especially the new earth, this energy offers a profound and enlightening journey towards self-realization and a harmonious existence within the ever-evolving tapestry of all life.

For those seeking to experience a session, absorbing this magnificent light and energy, we are here to aid you in rediscovering a more profound aspect of your being and strengthening your bond with the earth, particularly your connection to the new earth.

The Light of Lemuria Reiki signifies an initiation into luminosity, igniting activation to enable individuals to embrace the radiant essence of Lemuria.  This ray facilitates the awakening of light codes inherent to the new earth. You have the option to utilize this healing ray personally on yourself, when working with clients, and can initiate others into it.

Through this initiation, you not only carry the deep-seated light codes of Lemuria within you, which you already possess, it will enhance your ability to access them swiftly and efficiently. The Masters of this Ray welcome you and will oversee your attunement, guiding the journey for you.  Place your trust in their luminous guidance and the Light of Lemuria Reiki.

For those interested in receiving a distance attunement, it is suggested you have completed Reiki Levels 1-3. This provides an understanding of how Reiki works. One can still receive the attunement and use the energy on yourself and others without them.

Reach out to learn more or to schedule your distance Light of Lemuria Reiki session or initiation at info@blossomingintolight-chester.com.

Updated 8/6/23

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