Becoming Your Best Self: The Quest For Personal Mastery By Sue Freeman and Leslie Treloar


2019 has been a year of energetic shifts, releasing what no longer serves us and the opportunity to tune into our intuitive guidance to discover our soul’s purpose. With this process, we have been called to express our authentic self, trust we are on the path to our highest purpose all while maintaining balance through the physical integration of more light that is coming in to help us raise our consciousness.

Within that process of integration of more light, raising our consciousness and becoming more of our authentic self, self-mastery becomes even more important for us. Self-Mastery of our energy, our thoughts, emotions and even our co-creations takes commitment to do our work. Facing our shadow side, working through any of the old that no longer serves us in order to move forward more authentically takes dedication and determination as well as a focused intention. How we perceive ourselves and those around us can affect our thinking. Sometimes it requires huge breakthroughs in order to move forward in the highest and best way possible. Often having a support system, life coach and/or group of like-minded individuals on the same path can be incredibly helpful.

Twice a year, January and September, Blossoming into Light offers a new Self-Mastery Mentorship 12 Month Program to four amazing individuals who are committed to their personal growth, raising their consciousness and uncovering their unique gifts all while defining and refining their goals. You will have the opportunity to explore potential paths and gain clarity along with the support of the teachers and other students.

Each self-mastery mentorship group that comes together has a focus and those that join the same class come together for a synergistic purpose. A questionnaire is given to applicants who wish to join and the group of four individuals are chosen based on their responses to create harmonious goals.

Would you like to move forward in a focused and positive way? Would you like to move through your blocks and create a life you love? Would you like to live your life on purpose and answer your soul’s calling? Are you looking for a group that is supportive and provides the opportunity to have accountability in what you would like to achieve? If so, this program may be for you.

You can go HERE to learn more about this exciting program and see if it resonates with you. Reach out to us for more information or the application for our next new group!

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